Finding Shade: Tech, truth and love, surviving and escaping South Florida.

Had you told me, a lifelong left coaster, that I would be spending two years in sunny Florida, I would have doubted your sanity.

Had you claimed that I would be making great friends while hardening my cynicism, I would ask, what kind of place promotes such distemper?

One crafted and built by carnal and material desire. Where all who reside develop an insatiable lust for meat pies, latin music, dancing, mojitos, and sharing sugar supersaturated espresso with friends. …

Voting in a Technocracy

In a Future

I awake at a precisely timed lull in my sleep cycle, alert and ready. My morning wastes are analyzed for content and precisely the right ratios of macro and micro-nutrients are delivered through my customized breakfast drink. While most of my value generating activity can be done in my residence, some days, I favor an environment where other people, whom all possess a wide variety of expertises and experiences are available for conversation and connection.

However, this requires me to exit my front door. Currently, my blood-sugar levels for optimal creativity are peaking, and they will be for the next 40–45 minutes. Today, instead of my usual pursuit, crafting and broadcasting real-time non-linear audio programs, I have decided to work on my weighting submission for the civic software algorithm driving city functions and decision-making. …

Canceling Comcast might end up costing thousands of dollars

Think canceling Comcast is hard and annoying? Try to stop them from hitting your credit report with fraudulent claims.

I love how at the end of every ISP customer service call, the bored customer service representative says, ‘Thank you for choosing <insert ISP name here>’, as if there was a real choice. There really isn’t a clear competitive choice in most areas. One ISP offers reasonable speeds, the other offers reasonable prices. Regardless, you will pay for a television service you will never use.

When I moved to Florida in 2014, I chose Comcast as my provider, because the competition couldn’t offer the ‘blistering fast’ 30 mbps for nearly $100 a month. Sure, because they offer that speed for 15 second bursts, that is what they can sell us, and that’s a load of crap, but I digress. …

Fear and hope live in the heart of any developer about to conduct a live software demo on Friday. Will it be crushing, as the inevitable bug surfaces? Or will you be triumphant over your own machinations of logic and demonstrate your coding prowess to your peers while justifying your paycheck?

Getting everyone on the same page and providing visibility is awesome. Even in small teams, it can be hard to see the concrete contributions of other team members. …

Surely gentle reader, you need no introduction to the concept of meditation. I enjoy a sit when I can, in the morning or before I retire. This is not the only times to meditate. Life itself, is a meditation, intentionally driven and observed.

Another idea which needs no introduction, is waiting. Waiting for every nuance of our sophisticated lives to resolve themselves. Computers are an especially prominent factory of delays and distractions. This need not be a catastrophe, forced to wait mere seconds for the latest cat fantasy.

It is a moment, a precious moment to be still.

To observe a single breath. Watching the entire depth.

Let us practice now.


Sean Canton

Thinking() => Writing() Mostly factual, some fantasy, all imaginary.

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